Harris Group's Denver Office holds Spud Grand Prix!

Our Denver office hosted a Potato Car Race on November 14th - an event that hadn't been held since 2015. Contestants were given brown russet potatoes and were challenged with adding flare and making it roll...straight. All contestants started off with the same washers, wheels, and nails but how they shaped and decorated their car was up to them! 


We saw a variety of cars hit the track - Dan Oravez's car featured an American flag, a vulture, and a steering wheel while Peter Mann's car featured a rubber ducky driver. Our newest employee, Kris Saldivar, won the crowd with her hot pink flags and light up heart on her car. The race ultimately came down to Jimmy Bonnette's and Tim Wakefield's potato. In the final round, Jimmy's axels just couldn't hold up to the derby track. Tim won the race by a landslide with what was arguably the simplest looking potato, exemplifying that sometimes quality comes from the detail in the engineering and not the aesthetics. 

The office hopes to make this race an annual fall tradition. Who know what kind of starches we'll see racing at next year's Spud Grand Prix!