Owners Engineering   

The + is in Our Owner Engineers.

Harris Group works with Owners to identify, manage, and provide engineering and project management services at each stage of a capital project.

Harris Group delivers engineering and consulting services across several vendor platforms and manufacturer’s protocols.

The + is in Our Owner Engineers

Our engineers perform early-stage project activities and monitor detailed engineering and construction functions. 

Over the last decade, Harris Group has built a highly qualified process engineering group experienced in performing Owner’s Engineering functions, supported as needed by our engineers specializing in architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering.


Many companies today do not maintain their own engineering staff. Owners increasingly turn to contractors for assistance with both detailed design and construction. Problems arise when owners fail to similarly provide for owner’s engineering responsibilities.

Without Owner’s Engineering, companies find it difficult to define projects at the front end. During later stages, companies can become overly dependent on their detailed design and construction contractors, which in some cases, they are not equipped to manage.

According to a recent study, companies executing Owner's Engineering functions, spend less on projects, reduce cycle tie to start-up, increased plant capacity and ROI on projects. 

Exceptional Project Performance

This virtual engineering group functions as the Owner’s personal engineering team on process driven projects. According to a recent study, Companies executing Owner’s Engineering functions, spend 28% or less on projects, reduce cycle tie to start-up by 30%, increase plant capacity by 6% and transform average 15% ROI projects onto 22+% return winners.

Exceptional project performance defines Owner’s Engineering. To achieve this standard, our engineers perform early-stage project activities and monitor detailed engineering and construction functions that are carried out by other contractors.

To achieve the standard of exceptional project performance, Harris Group performs early-stage project activities and monitors detailed engineering and construction functions that are carried out by other contractors. During early project stages, Harris Group defines the project scope aligned with business objectives, performs market forecasts and competitive assessments.

Preparation of Owner's Design Criteria 

We prepare capital budgets, identify and evaluate technological alternatives and scope additional technology development as required and also prepares Owner’s design criteria for use in detailed engineering.  

In later phases, the Owner’s Engineers perform part or all of the development and detailed engineering. They oversee the work of other engineers or contractors representing the Owner’s interests throughout project execution. This helps keep the project on track with business objectives, schedule, and budget.

Our Services Include

Front-End Engineering

  • Project Definition
  • Conceptual Design
  • Feasibility Studies – new or retrofit facilities
  • Alternate Technologies Identification & Evaluation
  • R&D Guidance or Management
  • Process Development for Emerging Applications
  • Capital Cost Estimates
  • Operating & Maintenance Cost Estimates
  • Process Optimization
  • Technical & Economic Evaluations
  • Pilot Trial Planning and Execution
  • Basic and Detailed Design Packages
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Scheduling



Permitting Supervision 

  • Actions to obtain Environmental Permits
  • Permit & Code Compliance Review
  • Licensing

Bidding & Awarding Process

  • Prepare RFQ & Evaluate Bidders
  • Selection & Coordination of Specialized Professional Services

Construction Oversite

  • Scheduling & Cost Control
  • Regular Progress Meetings
  • Review/Recommend Contractors’ invoices and change orders
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • On-site Monitoring
  • Create & Manage Punch List
  • Witness & Sign Off on Key Milestones & Performance Tests
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