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Industrial Buidling Planning.
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Every project is a response to its unique vision and circumstances. Success begins with clear planning. Our experienced team of architects, designers and drafters know how to engage stakeholders, establish functional requirements, and vet the arrangements to meet diverse needs. Whether the desired result is straightforward or is a specialized purpose-built solution, our priority is to design great buildings that meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

We focus on solving your immediate and long-term needs by leveraging proven design principles and our rigorous quality control process to deliver successful projects. With our depth in facility design, and in-house process, mechanical, structural, electrical and controls engineering, we provide a comprehensive team focused on what will help industrial clients reach their project goals successfully.

Harris Group’s expertise designing new and renovations for industrial plants brings long term production value. We focus on achieving our clients’ program requirements and overall project intent incorporating aesthetics and functionality within budget and on time. Our highly experienced project teams guide design solutions to ensure that each project we undertake is unique and specific to each clients’ desired objectives.

The + is in Our Architects

Our structured approach and experience with Energy, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Ports and Process industries assure that our client’s needs are properly vetted and resolved.

Extensive experience across diverse industries allows us to bring insightful solutions to you.

Harris Group has focused on configuring industrial facilities for over 40 years and is proficient designing even very complex objectives and constraints to provide holistic solutions that meet client’s visions.

We are Industrial Architects with strong, relevant technical knowledge and up-to-date code experience. You can depend on Harris Group to bring effective solutions.


Our vision of industrial architecture extends beyond the need of humans to occupy spaces, we also address the principles for a safe and effective working environment.  Industrial settings must also incorporate code requirements to support the process, machinery, and systems for a complete solution.

Employee, support staff, and executive staff each have specific working requirements as well as health and welfare needs. Industrial facilities can also embody corporate aesthetic.

Complete Scope

Harris Group provides complete scope and capital cost estimating services starting with order of magnitude, feasibility, FEL studies, and estimates for appropriation of funds. We also provide capital cost verification to confirm final project costs.

LEED Certified

LEED Certified buildings are resource efficient. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse emissions. LEED works for all buildings, at all phases of development. Our LEED accredited team will guide our clients through the process and assist in helping meet our clients LEED goals.

Our Services Include

Pre-design Services

  • Site Suitability Review
  • Existing Conditions Assessment
  • Spatial Programming
  • Early Cost Development
  • Adjacency Diagrams
  • Functional Analysis
  • LEED Programming



Feasibility Studies 

  • Image Development
  • Eco-Charrette
  • Design Criteria Report
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Hazardous Materials Assessment
  • Project Delivery Planning
  • Systems, Materials & Building Technology Research




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