Specialized Approach.    

Efficient Design Solutions. 

New Technology Implementation. Improved Processes

Harris Group has its roots in pulp and paper, chemicals, renewable chemicals, industrial wastewater and other process industries. Our clients benefit from the skills and experience we have garnered from over 45 years of successful project execution for industry leaders.

We provide engineering services from concept through completion including integration of process technologies, technology assessment, process conceptualization and development, automation solutions, front-end loading, detailed design and construction, startup and commissioning support.

Our clients commonly manage their own technologies or bring in licensed solutions from others. 

These technologies do not stand on their own and are only partial solutions. Harris Group brings them together, along with the balance-of-plant design, for an integrated solution to meet the client’s specific needs.  Our process engineering staff have a variety of backgrounds, and they bring breath of experience to the development of process technologies.  

Harris Group’s staff complements the staff of our clients, and together they forge solutions.  We often provide independent engineering services for owners and financial institutions.

from plant floor to corporate office

In addition to process development and implementation for new technologies, Harris Group specializes in process improvements at existing facilities. We understand the unique challenges of integrating a capital project into an operating facility.

During front-end engineering, detailed design and construction, we seek to minimize downtime, so that the facility can return quickly to profitable operation.

Automation and process control are critical to chemical and process facilities.  We provide complete automation, controls, and data acquisition from the plant floor to the corporate office.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies to design and implement cohesive, state-of-the-art solutions, we bring together our clients’ needs in IT infrastructure, manufacturing execution systems (MES), machine/motor control, process control, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controls (PLC) and instrumentation and control (I&C) systems.


Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) are a priority for Harris Group.  Our safety performance records exceed the industry standard.  We are knowledgeable in process safety management (PSM) and provide project hazard analysis (PHA) assistance.  

Harris Group supports environmental stewardship and have a comprehensive understanding of regulatory practices to achieve compliance in implementing projects.  In collaboration with our client’s staff, we assist with obtaining permits.  

Chemical + Process Projects