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The + is in Our Mechanical & Piping Engineers.

Complex Issues. Analytical Solutions.

Our Mechanical Engineers and Piping Designers provide clients with the benefit of an extensive breadth of experience across a wide variety of industries and facilities. Our experience includes the design of new greenfield facilities as well as providing review and design modifications for existing facilities.

Our experience includes power generation facilities, pulp and paper plants, aircraft maintenance and paint facilities, facility ventilation design, natural gas mainline transmission, biopharmaceutical production, and many other industrial facilities, making us one of the nation’s leading engineering companies.

The + is in Our Mechanical & Piping Engineers

Complex issues require analytical solutions. 

We model facilities for performance and efficiency in addition to producing models of the physical three-dimensional plant equipment and piping, so that the net costs and benefits of various options can be easily determined.

Projects typically include a feasibility study phase, with an evaluation of the risks and economics associated with the project, helping the client to see all of the different cost aspects (capital equipment, installation, permitting, engineering), as well as potential risks in these areas. 


Each project is unique and must be individually organized, planned, and implemented to meet client expectations and to ensure success. Projects often begin as a client’s idea, which is then developed from the concept phase into an operating production facility through a series of steps. An approach that is often used is the Front End Loaded (FEL) feasibility process.

This process begins with a conceptual design of limited detail to assess project complexity and scope out required equipment and systems as needed to generate estimates of total installed cost, operational costs, and potential risks.

After client approval to proceed, the next stage is a more detailed preliminary design with high level schedule development, process flow development, major equipment quotes, and risk mitigation. These elements allow us to produce determine project costs with increasing accuracy. At the client’s direction, studies may continue to refine the preliminary design to include equipment bid packages for major equipment, preliminary piping and instrument diagrams, to provide inputs for highly detail cost estimates.


Optimized Plant Configurations

Detailed design projects are organized into systems, and an appropriately experienced engineer is assigned to each system. The engineer, under the supervision of the project’s lead mechanical engineer, has responsibility to develop, specify, and coordinate all aspects of the system.

Project schedules are developed to sequence engineering tasks to align with information availability and client expectations. The engineers work closely with the piping and mechanical designers on equipment arrangements and pipeline routing to optimize plant configurations for constructability, operations, and maintenance.

High Quality, Realiable Deliverables

The mechanical engineers and designers further coordinate their design effort with other engineering disciplines to resolve conflicts and achieve a fully integrated design package. All physical design projects are prepared in three-dimensional CAD systems to provide visual representation and to assist with design coordination.

Production drawings for construction are generated directly from the three-dimensional models to provide consistency between the design and the construction documents. Providing high quality, reliable deliverables is of utmost concern to Harris Group, and throughout the entire life of the project, quality control is rigorously maintained with multiple levels of review and checking of all calculations, models, and production drawings.

Our Services Include
  • Anerobic Digestion and Biogas Production Facilities
  • Natural Gas Metering and Compression Facilities
  • Natural Gas and Solid Fuel Power Plants, Greenfield & Expansions
  • Midstream Processing Facilities
  • Hydrocarbon, Chemical, and Fuels Transfer and Storage Facilities
  • Combined Heat & Power Facilities
  • Institutional and Industrial Utilities, Greenfield & Expansions
  • Performance and Efficiency Modeling
  • Hydraulic Modeling of Gas and Liquid Piping Networks
  • Specialty and Medical Gas Systems
  • HVAC System Design
  • Process, Hazardous Fluid, High Energy and Utility Piping Design
  • Piping Stress Analysis, CAESAR II
  • Plumbing design
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (ELCCA)
  • LEED Certified Facilities
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Feasibility Studies
  • Rotating and Process Equipment Specifications
  • Facility Arrangement and Modeling
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