Civil + Structural Engineering    

The + is in Our Civil + Structural Engineers.

Our structural engineers bring forward years of technical experience to efficiently provide solutions tailored to the situations our clients need solved.

Harris Group’s Civil and Structural Engineering team has extensive experience integrating requirements for industrial process and building services equipment with existing facilities, unique site requirements and architectural expectations into a design that meets operational occupancy needs, provides unique solutions, and limits downtime to production facilities when necessary.

The + is in Our Civil + Structural Engineers

Years of technical experience, efficient solutions. 

Our team addresses all requirements, building codes, space allocation, bracing and column locations, windows, doors, loading docks, equipment, office, storage, material flow, monorails, cranes, utility bridges and other elements specific to our client’s needs. We have experience in designing foundations for machinery, paper making equipment, gas turbine generators and compressors, and similar high tolerance machines.


Our structural engineering brings forward years of technical experience to efficiently provide solutions tailored to the situations our clients need solved.  Harris Group has well developed structural design processes that incorporate lessons learned from prior projects together with result of our continuous study of current structural rules and technological developments.

Harris Group listens to the needs of the needs of the clients and responds with a solution encompassing these needs.

Light + Heavy Industrial Experience

Design of new structures and buildings requires clear planning not only of geometric arrangement and development of appropriate physical loads and site evaluation, it also requires understanding the implication of proper economic structural system selection balanced with long-term utility of the system.  

Our experience with variety of light through heavy industrial occupancies and familiarity with current technologies and trends means that we have developed a strong sense for what systems are appropriate and why.

Clear Assessment of Existing Conditions

Design of renovations and alterations to existing structures are usually driven by addition of modern equipment or general arrangement plans that affect the gravity load-bearing or horizontal force-resisting systems. Existing structural systems often do not meet the criteria established by codes for new construction because over time experiences and technologies have identified new risks that must be appropriately addressed. 

These projects always need a clear assessment of existing structural conditions to validate whether a chosen approach is practical. Efficient assessment of existing conditions needs a process that leverages prior experience with similar situations. Whether your growth requires new structural systems or modification of existing, Harris Group knows how to support your plans.

Our Services Include

Broad Industry Experience

  • Systems Integration
  • Milling Machines
  • Aerospace/Vehicle Processes and Manufacturing 
  • Aerospace Assembly Process and Machinery
  • Paper Making Processes Machinery     
  • Boilers and steam driven equipment    
  • Gas Compressors – reciprocating and rotating
  • Gas & Steam Turbine Generators   
  • Oil, Gas & Chemical Processing    
  • Car Shredders, Steel Making Machines 
  • Precision equipment and Clean environment equipment 
  • Improvement or reconfiguration of existing structures.
  • Tanks and materials storage facilities

Expertise in Detailed Design 

  • Layout Drawings
  • Design Criteria
  • Purchase specifications
  • Coordination / Fit-up
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Close coordination with the construction process


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