Process Engineering    

The + is in Our Process Engineers.

Our process engineers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we bring a breadth of experience to the development of process technologies.

Our Process Engineering team has extensive process design experience providing solutions to the renewable fuels, pulp and paper, life sciences, energy and chemical processing industries.

We have expertise in performing feasibility studies and industrial conceptual development to spearheading front-end engineering efforts as projects and ideas move from the white board to an operational facility.

The + is in Our Process Engineers

When developing a process there are many possible solutions.  

Our Process engineers are experienced at taking an idea, developing potential concepts, determining feasibility, weighing costs and benefits, identifying risks, and optimizing solutions based on our client’s priorities.  Drawing on a history of process development and in-plant experience, we deliver trust and certainty that the process will deliver at industrial scale and meet our clients’ goals.  

We complement the staff and expertise of our clients, and together we forge solutions to today’s technological challenges.


The key to a successful project is a deep understanding of the key priorities of our clients as well as their unique knowledge and expertise.  Once a project idea has been identified, we work with our clients to identify and evaluate different concepts.  

Typically, this consists of development of preliminary process designs with a combination of process modeling, mass and energy balances, process flow diagrams, equipment selection, and budgetary cost estimates.  

Optimized Solutions

 Once concepts have been developed, we make a recommendation for the best path forward by weighing costs and benefits, determining feasibility, identifying risks, and optimizing solutions based on our client’s priorities.  Other factors include technical complexity, operability, operational costs, project execution, value engineering, safety, environmental implications, and schedule. 

Taking a wholistic view of the project, we present different concepts to our client and jointly determine the optimal choice based on the particular needs of the client and specific project. 

Multidiscipline Alignment

Once the conceptual design has been finalized, we work to finalize process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, and equipment specifications to finalize the scope of the project.  As detailed design of the overall project progresses, our process engineers ensure that mechanical, electrical, structural, and automation designs all are aligned with the design intent of the project.  

We routinely provide commissioning and startup support to ensure a smooth transition from construction to commercial operations.  

Our Services Include
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Front-End & Detailed Engineering
  • Independent Engineering
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Process Conceptualization
  • Program Management
  • Process Modeling


  • PHA/HAZOP Facilitation
  • Risk Assessment/Risk Review
  • Operations Support
  • Commissioning Support
  • Procurement Support
  • Owner’s Engineering
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