Designs To Minimize The Spread Of COVID-19
In this current pandemic, markets and clients are showing tremendous interest in HVAC solutions to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within buildings. Harris Group follows a methodical engineering approach backed by science and technical data to significantly improve IAQ and minimize the spread of infectious aerosols (COVID-19) within buildings. 

100% Outside Air HVAC Systems
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has released their Position Document on Infectious Aerosols on April 14th of 2020. This document recommends that HVAC systems operate at 100% Outside Air (OA) and that systems operate with MERV 13 or higher filtration. Where 100% OA is not feasible due to comfort, or system limitations, disinfection of the recirculated airstream can be achieved by providing Ultraviolet (UV) lighting within ductwork. Alternatively, there are specialty UV lighting systems designed to shine on the upper walls and ceiling of a room, which effectively disinfects the room air provided there are adequate air changes in the space. 

Technical Matters Need Technical Experts
These are technical matters and Harris Group is ready to help! Our clients are provided a variety of solutions as options and we assist in the vetting and selection process of materials for your project. Harris Group's goal is to make buildings safer for occupants by incorporating proven strategies that might typically be found in hospitals. Today, facilities and office buildings around the country are reimagining how HVAC systems should operate and are utilizing technologies such as UV lighting to improve IAQ and owner confidence to reopen businesses. 

Pilot project experience

Harris Group provided consulting services for COVID mitigation within building HVAC systems supported by the ASHRAE Position Document on Infectious Aerosols. Engineering and consulting services included site investigations with project teams, assessment reports, cooling and heating load analysis, coordination with project team including manufacturers and contractors as required to present bid options to the client. We maintained excel pricing matrix comprehensive of all bid options as a living document for client budgetary use. 

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