Bayer Berkeley creates Strategic Facility Master Plan for Four Major Facilities.    

Bayer was looking for a team of subject matter and regulatory experts to develop a presentation of design alternatives for the Bayer Berkeley campus facilities and operations 5-year campus master plan.

Harris Group deployed individual teams that worked simultaneously to stream line the schedule to achieve the client’s overall schedule goals.  

How We Did It

Harris Group provided a high-level concept engineering review and analysis that supported the A&E team in development of the overall site master plan including full supply chain. Creative alternatives were team reviewed that included the review of the regulatory impact for validation and FDA approval timelines. The site master planning process helped align business strategies and long-term investments.

Harris Group helped in the development and execution of Bayer’s strategic facility master plans or (work streams) which involved four major facilities.

Harris Group is known for our ability to retrofit existing operational facilities while minimizing downtime with designs that allow the clients to effectively plan for demolition, construction, commissioning and qualification. We provided periodic budget status reports to the client to communicate progress and provide a forum to discuss any future potential changes. Harris Group met the budget expectations on this project by closely tracking the project deliverables against the budget.

Harris Group assembled a team of architects and engineers from our process, mechanical, electrical, and piping disciplines combined with regulatory expertise to help develop a presentation of design alternatives. We provided process engineering expertise and guidance for each of the four areas of focus and assessed the impacts on upstream and downstream materials and space requirements for the warehouse, receiving, fill-finish, cold storage, offices and the quality controls laboratories. Once the master plan was established, the next steps were to produce strategic facilities plans for site operations and to prioritize projects for implementation.

Harris Group is known for our ability to retrofit existing operational facilities while minimizing downtime. 

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