Engineer of Record for Olympic Medical Center Central Sterilization remodel in Port Angeles, WA.  

Olympic Medical Center wanted to remodel the Central Sterilization space to provide a better floor plan layout and workflow for the hospital support space.

Like many hospitals, this remodel needed to be completed while the area was still in operation for day to day use so the project was broken into 5 different phases to complete this goal.

How We Did It

With the remodel, the new Central Sterilization area provides the workers with a more efficient work space to provide support for the hospital. Harris Group provided HVAC and plumbing design for demo and new work of the Central Sterilization area.  

Harris Group provided HVAC and plumbing support throughout the project from initial planning and design through construction. As with many hospitals, this project needed to be completed while the remodeled space remained in operation as the Central Sterilization area provides support to the Operating Rooms.

This project included General Contractor/Construction Manager (GCCM) work which required the design team to work closely with contractors during the design phase as well as the construction phase. Harris Group was a part of the contractor interview process with the owner to help select the firm which would best serve the needs of the project.

The existing HVAC system served the first floor and basement levels with a packaged rooftop unit providing cooling to hot water re-heat terminal units for individual zoning. The Central Sterilization area (scope of work) was only in the basement portion of the building. The existing rooftop unit was at full capacity so the decision was made to remove the basement from the existing unit and provide a new unit for the basement to allow for any future modifications. The project was broken into 5 phases to allow for the Central Sterilization area to remain in use during construction. Careful planning had to be done throughout each phase as any disruptions to the hospital could have major consequences.

HVAC and plumbing support from initial planning and design through construction. 

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