Detailed Engineering for barge and ship unloading hose tower in New Haven, CT.    

A new hose tower for unloading petroleum cargos from ships was to be situation between an additional berthing spot and the approach to the shore. This created a need to ensure an unencumbered egress route for personnel working at the inner berth should an emergency situation arise as they would have to travel through the main berth to reach the shoreline.

The facility handles six different petroleum products at high unload rates which resulted in significant piping.

How We Did It

Working closely with the marine engineering firm designing the tower, Harris Group routed a significant amount of piping on a support level added just for the piping. This allowed for a completely open area underneath the tower and an egress route that had no stairs or obstacles when exiting from the inner berth, through the main berth, to the shoreline.

Harris Group provided detailed design for mechanical and piping components of the hose tower for unloading barges and ships. The design was all completed in 3D, incorporating the hose tower structure from the marine engineering firm. Our work included piping design from trunk lines to ship and barges manifolds within the tower.

Harris Group developed a completed 3D model, inclusive of both the marine engineer’s tower design and the piping design, this included all ancillary equipment as well. This model was rendered in NavisWorks and presented to the owner for a thorough review. This allowed the owner to see and “walk through” the proposed design to analyze egress and access to equipment.

Ancillary design aspects included new air compressor system for pneumatic emergency valves, pump down system for evacuating hoses and tower piping, re-routed fire protection piping and sampling systems and drip pans.


Detailed design for mechanical and piping hose tower for unloading barges and ships. 

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