Detailed Design for installation of a Natural Gas Storage Facility in Livingston County, Illinois.

This regional energy provider required the install of a new Solar Mars 90 turbine driven centrifugal compressor set, capable of moving up to 412 MMSCFD of 600 psig pipeline gas, compressed up to 1,245 psig.

The new compressor and auxiliary equipment was installed at an existing gas storage facility that first constructed over 40 years ago and hadn’t seen any large capital upgrades in more than 20 years.

How We Did It

Due to the age of the infrastructure and lack of recent capital investment, Harris Group developed a Compression Upgrade Plan for the facility that examined and made recommendations on compressor replacement, as well as upgrades to metering, on-site power generation, natural gas liquids collection and emissions reductions. Harris Group worked closely with the client’s engineering staff and operations staff in order to meet their needs from a layout perspective.

The scope of design work included a new building for the compressor and supporting auxiliary equipment including a gas aftercooler, blowdown silence, fuel gas conditioning system, inlet filter and modifications to the client’s pneumatic ESD system. Additional auxiliary equipment were wastewater storage, compressed air and hot water systems.

Harris Group became an integral part of the client’s team, attending multiple weekly meetings and providing estimating, budgeting, and scheduling assistance. Strong support was provided in the procurement process, with Harris Group specifying, evaluating and reviewing all equipment, instrument, and bulk piping material submittals.

Harris Group became an integral part of the client's team, attending multiple weekly meetings and providing estimating, budgeting, and scheduling assistance. 

The Ancona Storage Station was originally constructed in 1965 and had approximately 15,000 horsepower in reciprocating compression to inject natural gas into the Ancona underground aquifer storage reservoir.  

Gas is withdrawn from the field during the winter months to meet the base load demand of the Client’s Gas utility. Prior to the project the gas free flowed from the reservoir into the pipeline, without compression. Due to the age and operating hours of the compression equipment at the Ancona facility, it was recognized that a comprehensive plan needed to be developed to improve the station’s reliability and availability through the addition of new compression equipment and/or replacement equipment.

The engineering effort consisted of 3 total stages to support the installation of new compression, comprising approximately 10,000HP and all of the ancillary facilities supporting compression including building, gas-cooler(s) exchanger(s), filter separator(s), connecting high pressure gas piping systems; but specifically excluding dehydration contractor and re-boiler facilities.

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