Owner’s Engineering for Flagship Biomass-to-Ethanol Commercial Facility in Boligee, AL.    

Coskata, Inc. was designing a cellulosic ethanol plant to convert forestry-based biomass into motor fuel grade ethanol using gasification and biological processes.

An Owner’s Engineer was needed to provide engineering services for the first commercial plant using the client’s technology to assure the project had a solid design foundation.  

How We Did It

Harris Group provided the design for a treatment system to treat wastewater from a process that biologically converts syngas to fuel ethanol. The process combines the flexibility of gasification with the efficiency of biological conversion of Syngas into fuels for chemicals.

Harris Group provided owner’s engineering, process design, and plant design services for the client’s first commercial facility. Beginning with R&D scale data, we produced process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, site plans, general arrangement diagrams, electrical single-line diagrams, priced equipment lists, capital cost estimates, and energy and mass balances as part of the preliminary design.

Extensive experience in advance biofuels commercialization allowed Harris Group to deliver a proven design that could be replicated many times over and met our client’s needs for an economical and reliable production plant, regardless of the product.

Harris Group also provided support to Coskata in site selection, site purchase contracting, environmental permitting, and biomass supply specification and contracting. Coskata has selected Harris Group to provide FEL-3 engineering services for the first several commercial plants using their technology to ensure the projects have a solid design foundation.

Harris Group was selected to provide FEL-3 engineering services for the first several commercial plants. 

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